The Perfect Material Choice For Your Patio Design

A flagstone patio can enhance the style and elegance of any yard. The neutral colors and warm polish of Flagstone match a large range of exterior design options.

When choosing flagstone for your outdoor patio, you have many options, flagstones come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Just a few of our flagstone options available for your patio and our most requested are Pennsylvania bluestone, Pennsylvania flagstone, reclaimed granite, travertine, quartz, Vermont slate, limestone, slate, sandstone and Tennessee limestone. If you have any questions about our flagstone patio services, please give us a call.

Flagstone patio

The Right Shape For Your Patio

As you design your patio you will notice how the shape alone can take your patio from formal to cozy. If you choose to have our experienced designers help you with the details of your flagstone patio services, they will help you choose the appropriate shape to achieve the patio style that you envisioned. Flagstone can come in different shapes or they can come in perfectly cut square pieces, ask to see examples to make an educated choice.

Patio Design & Construction

Your flagstone patio can be constructed in different ways and during the initial consultation our contractors will go over which option we would recommend for your project. Flagstone can either be laid over a sand bed on a dense machine compacted base or set in mortar over a concrete base. Each base option has their pros and cons that we will go over in regard to your particular project.  We pride ourselves on providing long-lasting and quality patio craftsmanship.

We will not only go over the pros and cons but also what kind of maintenance will be required and what the anticipated cost and process will be like if you ever need repair.

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